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C-Ojones Is not your typical exchange company. We go well beyond our competitors to bring you a wide variety of property tax solutions. Our mission is to provide peace of mind in all of your tax-deferral needs. We achieve this by offering you; exceptional service, expert legal counsel, superior banking, premium security and protection, exclusive level of insurance and access to the latest concepts and developments that will help you get the most out of your tax-deferred exchange. Our unique company was built on a platform of efficiency and reliability and our professional affiliations exist to enhance your service and opportunities. Just as our name states: we are a firm that focuses on securing your overall investment with additional advantages.

C-Ojones can offer you he following exchanges:


C-Ojones has a strong background in the exchange industry with decades of real world experience handling every available exchange method for investors nationwide. C-Ojones represents the collaboration of real estate and tax experts. C-Ojones leads the exchange industry by providing licensed tax attorneys and CPA’s on staff. All this means we will guide you effortlessly through the exchange process and have the resources available to assist you every step of the way.

Our clients benefit from our relationship with America’s premier regional banks and investment institutions. These strategic relationships give our clients flexibility in completing their exchange while providing them with world-class service. This service is combined with our meticulous accounting system ensuring you that your transaction is handled safely and accurately.

C-Ojones automatically provides both Errors & Omissions Insurance and Fidelity Bonds coverage on each exchange. These policies are underwritten by one of the nations largest insurance companies and offer one of the highest levels of coverage available in the industry. There is no additional cost to our clients for this valuable protection.




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